Our Approach

Own what we like by making our own rules. Increase assets, hold or sell for profit, and reduce liabilities. Pretty simple.

Our Story

Manager Mint, LLC has been many things over its lifetime but today it is a holding company. We own online business, domains,intellectual property, Stocks, Fine Art, Real Estate among other investments in our portfolios.

Meet the Founder

Having the right people makes all the difference

Shane Wieters

Founder & CEO

The CEO and Founder of Manager Mint, LLC & Companies which included, Manager Mint Mediathe Biz Direct, Virtual Stock Ex and  ShaneWieters.com. He is also a self-published author of Mindset and Investing Books. You can find his titles: A Conversation With The UniverseA Perfect Mindset, and The Best Book For Beginning Investing on Amazon in Paperback, Digital, and Audiobook formats.

Next Steps…

Have an asset you believe might be of so value to us? Send us an email.