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“What you do speaks so loudly, I can hardly hear what you are saying.” - someone awesome


The first part of being able to connect with your team, drive results, and be the leader your business needs is to really get to know yourself as a person. You need to not only know who you are as a person but understand yourself as a person and have control over your thoughts and actions. Walk Your Talk is how you personify who you are as an individual. It means being exactly who you say you are and holding yourself to the standard you see fit every day without letting your Ego get in the way. I do this by looking in the mirror and facing my number one obstacle daily, myself.

Now looking in the mirror at yourself may not do you much. You may see yourself and say nothing, maybe you say Hi. Maybe you smile or make weird faced. Keep in mind that you are not looking at a piece of glass, you are looking at yourself and the reflection of your inner most being. Smile! Most time the first person you see in the morning is yourself.

Every morning you get up, give yourself a pep talk or motivational words, know that by giving yourself positive affirmations or reciting motivational quotes or even something that is meaningful each day can help turn on your mind in the right way. There is something I live by, and that is the true and honest belief that Karma exists. Whatever you call it, know that what you put out into the world will come back to you. Think positive thoughts and you will receive positive actions. Think negative thoughts and well you guessed it. You get negative. Simply being positive all day when faced with countless obstacles and objections can seems a daunting task. This is because there are people out there that want to bring you down. These people are what challenge your walk, because they haven't even put their shoes on in the first place. They are still talking at you not to you or with you. More importantly they haven't began the conversation with themselves to be the person they can be. Not everyone will understand or get it in their life time, however, we should know that we all have the potential to be great people. Challenges and Obstacles are the part of life, Yin and Yang. Black and White; Struggle and Rewards, Success and Failure. First and Second place. My grandmother once told me one day when I was young something that I didn't understand then, but I do now. I lost a game to my older brother and got second place. I was bitter but my grandmother said that "without a second place, first would not exist. You see, second place is just as important as first because without first there would also be no second." As simple as this is simple cause and effect. So in that regard I try to blur the lines between the Yin and Yang in life and rather than look at things as problems and solutions or success and failure, I attempt to look at it as Opportunities and Solutions and Success and Learning. This leads to a path of learning not a path of despair for failure.

Life is exciting and unknown. Remember that integrity and honesty are what tie your shoes to your feet and the words that flow from your mouth should be sincere, transparent, and genuine. Walking Your Talk is about putting others before yourself because they are in your best interest and not putting your interests in front of others. If your interests are those of the company then those interests are the ticket to employment and are the duties of the job. Your interest would be personal interests or attempts at gains that put the well being or benefit of others in jeopardy. Remain poised at all times even under the most stressful situation. If you are a leader then you are your peoples rock to lean on. And as you continue to grow your rock to lean on will get smaller and smaller as there is less and less people at the top but this rock should be replaced by the confidence you have in yourself, in your abilities to find solutions and make things happen, even when you are the only one left.

"I try to blur the lines between the Yin and Yang in life and rather than look at things as problems and solutions or success and failure, I attempt to look at it as Opportunities and Solutions and Success and Learning."


Walking your talk means know yourself and when you speak, it needs to be in confidence through knowledge and understanding and not ignorance. For example, if you don't know the answer to an employees question you do not need to make up an answer. Being honest and saying you don’t know goes a long way, but to complete the circle, you need to find out the information and relay it back to the employee to drive home the notion you care about their needs.

Employees like to see leaders that get involved. You do not necessarily have to do their job or get your hands dirty all the time, but show a good interest in what they do and how they do it because it can and will go a long way. People want to follow people that do what they say their are going to do. That set good examples and talk and act how they want their team to act. Walking your talk is about being a role model for other people to follow but it first starts with you. You have to consciously make an effort to be better and improve yourself on a daily basis. If you are not on the pursuit of education, learning something new or bettering yourself nothing will change for you. You have to want it. Stand up for yourself against yourself. If you want something to happen then make it happen. You are the only one holding you back from better results from your team, from your business, your relationships and your life. 


  1. Words are useless, unless you put them into action.
  2. Thoughts are useless, unless you put them into action and communicate them.
  3. Beliefs are useless, unless you live them.
  4. A business is useless, unless you do what it takes to succeed.

You can succeed because I can and I do it every day of my life...You will wear a many pairs of shoes on your travel, but its what you do in those shoes that will determine who you are as a person.

You are in control of You and when you truly understand that, you will open the door to endless possibilities.

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