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My name is Shane, and I am going to help you build your next company!

In my first business I started a clothing company in Los Angeles and at its peak was receiving orders upwards of $2m from high end retailers such as Nordstroms and American Rag.

My second business, Manager Mint Media, and the site you are currently on, started in my living room on my laptop and since its 2.5 years of existence has seen an average growth of 279% every year and is now read in over 112 different countries around the world.

My third business was getting into the investing world with Virtual Stock Ex. My goal was to give people a chance to trade stocks without having to risk their own money while learning how to invest through out specialized investing courses. Our App and stock exchange is now booming in some of the biggest and newest markets such as the US, China and India.

I know what it takes to start a business from nothing and build it into something that is scaleable, generates revenue and ultimately grows. 

Startup Guru

Shane Wieters is a startup master and can help you formulate your idea into the ultimate business strategy. Through proper research you can make sure you company will start with a bang! 


Company Growth Expert

Work with someone who knows what they are doing. After building three companies with tripple digit year over year organic growth, you know Shane has the secret formula to build his businesses. Let him show you how to build yours.


Business Development

Shane Wieters is an expert when it comes to developing your business. Work with Shane to find out how your idea, product, or service can turn into multi-million dollar companies.



Say your problem isn't growth but its how to build your own personal brand, leadership abilities or want to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, then look no further that a one on one mentorship from Shane himself.

No Business Plan

Without a business plan or strategy, you company or startup is doomed from the beginning. You need to know who your target market is and this should be conducted through research. There is no point in making a product or selling a service is there is no one out there who will want to buy it,

Poor Marketing

Products don't just sell themselves. You need to market them to your customers. There is a science to getting people to buy your product the first time they see it, not the 6th time.

Poor Leadership

People are everything to a company. Whether there is 10 people working for you or 10,000, being able to lead your team is the number one way to success. Without successful leadership your company will never perform to its full potential. During my time running businesses I have found the secret to getting anyone that works for you to do what you want. It is the simplest concept but one of the most difficult ones to implement. 


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Shane Wieters - M Business Consulting.

Utilize my decade of experience in starting, building and running multi-million dollar businesses into helping you start your own or help it reach its full potential. 


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