Balance Sheet - A report that shows the financial picture of a company at a given time and itemizes assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity.

Balanced Scorecard - Control system combining four sets of performance measures: financial, customer, business process, and learning and growth.

Barriers to Entry - Conditions that prevent new companies from entering an industry.

Behavioral Approach - A leadership perspective that attempts to identify what good leaders do—that is, what behaviors they exhibit.

Benchmarking - The process of comparing an organization’s practices and technologies with those of other companies.

Bootlegging - Informal work on projects,other than those officially assigned, of employees’ own choosing and initiative. 

Boundaryless Organization - Organization in which there are no barriers to information flow.

Bounded Rationality - A less-than-perfect form of rationality in which decision makers cannot be perfectly rational because decisions are complex and complete information is unavailable or cannot be fully processed.

Brainstorming - A process in which group members generate as many ideas about a problem as they can; criticism is withheld until all ideas have been proposed.

Bridge Leaders - A leader who bridges conflicting value systems or different cultures.

Broker - A person who assembles and coordinates participants in a network.

Budgeting - The process of investigating what is being done and comparing the results with the corresponding budget data to verify accomplishments or remedy differences; also called budgetary controlling.

Buffering - Creating supplies of excess resources in case of unpredictable needs.

Bureaucratic Control - The use of rules, regulations, and authority to guide performance.

Business Ethics - The moral principles and standards that guide behavior in the world of business.

Business - Incubators Protected environments for new, small businesses.

Business Plan - A formal planning step that focuses on the entire venture and describes all the elements involved in starting it.

Business Strategy - The major actions by which a business competes in a particular industry or market.