Garbage Can Model - Model of organizational decision making depicting a chaotic process and seemingly random decisions.

Gatekeeper - A team member who keeps abreast of current developments and provides the team with relevant information.

Genius of the And; Organizational Ambidexterity - Ability to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously.

Global Model - An organizational model consisting of a company’s overseas subsidiaries and characterized by centralized decision making and tight control by the parent company over most aspects of worldwide operations; typically adopted by organizations that base their global competitive strategy on cost considerations.

Goal - A target or end that management desires to reach.

Goal Displacement - A condition that occurs when a decision-making group loses sight of its original goal and a new, less important goal emerges.

Goal-Setting Theory - A motivation theory stating that people have conscious goals that energize them and direct their thoughts and behaviors toward a particular end.

Grapevine - Informal communication network.

Group Maintenance Behaviors - Actions taken to ensure the satisfaction of group members, develop and maintain harmonious work relationships, and preserve the social stability of the group.

Groupthink - A phenomenon that occurs in decision making when group members avoid disagreement as they strive for consensus.

Growth Need Strength - The degree to which individuals want personal and psychological development.