Offshoring - Moving work to other countries.

One-Way Communication - A process in which information flows in only one direction—from the sender to the receiver, with no feedback loop.

Open-Book Management - Practice of sharing with employees at all levels of the organization vital information previously meant for management’s eyes only.

Open Systems - Organizations that are affected by, and that affect, environment.

Operational Planning - The process of identifying the specific procedures and processes required at lower levels of the processes required at lower levels of the organization.

Opportunity Analysis - A description of the good or service, an assessment of the opportunity, an assessment of the entrepreneur, specification of activities and resources needed to translate your idea into a viable business, and your source(s) of capital.

Optimizing - Achieving the best possible balance among several goals.

Organic Structure - An organizational form that emphasizes flexibility.

Organizational Behavior Modification (OB mod) - The application of reinforcement theory in organizational settings.

Organization Chart - The reporting structure and division of labor in an organization.

Organization Culture - The set of important assumptions about the organization and its goals and practices that organization and its goals and practices that members of the company share.

Organization Development (OD) - The systemwide application of behavioral science knowledge to develop, improve, and reinforce the strategies, structures, and processes that lead to organizational effectiveness.

Organizing - The management function of assembling and coordinating human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals.

Orientation Training - Training designed to introduce new employees to the company and familiarize them with policies, procedures, culture, and the like.

Outcome - A consequence a person receives for his or her performance.

Outplacement - The process of helping people who have been dismissed from the company regain employment elsewhere.

Outputs - The products and services organizations create.

Outsourcing - Contracting with an outside provider to produce one or more of an organization’s goods or services.