Reactive Change - A response that occurs under pressure; problem-driven change.

Ready-Made Solutions - Ideas that have been seen or tried before.

Recruitment - The development of a pool of applicants for jobs in an organization.

Reflection - Process by which a person states what he or she believes the other person is saying.

Refreezing - Strengthening the new behaviors that support the change.

Reinforcers - Positive consequences that motivate behavior.

Relationship-Motivated Leadership - Leadership that places primary emphasis on maintaining good interpersonal relationships.

Relativism - Philosophy that bases ethical behavior on the opinions and behaviors of relevant other people.

Reliability - The consistency of test scores over time and across alternative measurements.

Resources - Inputs to a system that can enhance performance.

Responsibility - The assignment of a task that an employee is supposed to carry out.

Return on Investment (ROI) - A ratio of profit to capital used, or a rate of return from capital.

Rightsizing - A successful effort to achieve an appropriate size at which the company performs most effectively.

Right-to-Work - Legislation that allows employees to work without having to join a union.

Risk - The state that exists when the probability of success is less than 100 percent and losses may occur.

Roles - Different sets of expectations for how different individuals should behave.