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Have an article and want to see it on Manager Mint Media? This is the way to do it! 

Here's the basics:

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When you think about posting an article on any site you want to keep it there for a while to get search engines to index it which will improve your articles ultimate reach. Posting with Manager Mint Media gives you a head start in the game since we did the hard part by generating the traffic.  Each article is hosted for 30 days however you have the option to upgrade to 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or Forever!




Social Share Upgrade - Get your post share 80 times across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. With Facebook cutting companies reach it's imperative you get high level influencers sharing your article. 

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Article Distribution Upgrade- Get your article posted to 700-800 sites to create hundreds of backlinks to your website! Become more of an authority on your niche market and get help drive traffic and improve your search rank. Take one short article, and send it to us.

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Social Share + Article Distribution Upgrade- Nothing better than combining forces to improve your social signals and start generating major backlinks!

Social Share + Article Dist. Upgrade Options


1. Fill out the form above

a. If this is your first time submitting a Guest Post to Manager Mint Media then please fill out the " Author Information Section." This way we can give you proper credit for your article. 

b. If this is not, please check the box "Approved Author" and input your author name so we can give you credit for the article. 

2. Once you submit your article we will get to work approving it. Most articles make it through the approval process and yours should too as long as it follows our general guidelines and it relevant to the content presented on our website.

3. Posts stay active on our website for 30 days, however there are options to extend it and keep it on our website forever! The longer you keep your post active on our site, the more familiar search engines will get with the piece and your article will become easier to find to a larger audience.

4. Once your post is active we'll email you the link so you can share wherever and with whoever you'd like!